Business Analysis

One thing you can’t help but wonder about is the “professions on the planet” and “Business Analytics”. The specialty is suitable for the chorus, who are looking for it, but the revolution in history on humanity is often the fourth industrial revolution. It is based on the big data of the аnalus or the interpretation of the real thing, but it is foreseen.

Consultants will share, that “Business Analytics” refers to the ability, technology, practice for the implicitly inherited from the business results of the mine project, for that they will send out and set up as a nai-ruled management of the business plannero. “Business Analytics” is the focus of the focus of the study on new insights and business intelligence, basarani on data and statistical methods.

How are the subjects studied in a bowl so interesting specialty, how can you get in for the implementation of the implementation in Bulgaria and a foreign country, it is important to understand the importance of ima specialist in “Business Analyst” – on the noses of the thesis inquire Stefan Stoyanov, a student, who in the moment of the rule of magistracy in specialty at the University of Surrey.

Are you sure you’re gonna choose a speciality pelvis? Which one of you should I put in the pelvis? Will you influence the cognition of the pelvis or will you have a pelvic speciality?

The trail of the bachelor’s degrees in “Accountancy and Control” at the University of Economics – Varna, and the groundwork for the junior expert in the department of “Economic Development” who entered the company in his native city – Dobrich. All in all, there is a smell of different traces, a mix of different types of business, and a separation of high-tech products developed on the basis of the European project, which will support the economic development.

Since the time of the groundwork, let’s talk a lot about information, the Internet, for goods as a bikha company could and will develop nai-successfully, yes will train their staff, yes will develop new products and the so-called Okazazma seh, what for the posts of the thesis is not beggar, she needs a consultant in the tazi sphere.

In the evening, the Imam has got enough money for the development of the European project and its precedent in the consulting company, which is why he has got a moment of new knowledge and skills, but he can also competently develop the business for the consultants and supporters.

All this, the last deception is characteristic of goods, which are available on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.The process of “big data” (there is a complex one on the heirloom and a variety of sets of data sets, including scripts of models, unknown correlatsii, trends and preferences on client’s side, who can help to organize and inform business decisions), who will spread through the Internet.

You know, that the Internet golama is frequent from our daily and all goods influence and beginnings, by some measure analyze different positions.

All in all, the business solution sera is based on a sufficient serial analysis of various data, i.e. “analysis based decisions” and products of ridicule intuitive business solutions; attached is a pragmatic approach to entering the business solutions and it is the product motivator yes sera specialty “Business Analytics”, which is at the moment of study at the University of Sury.

Would you like to elect an Aussie University?

The University of Surrey has a strong track record in the field of Big Data in the health area, a sector of interest for me. It is the imam’s comprehension in the field of tourism, a sector in which the project was implemented with great success.

In addition, the project has been successful in providing opportunities for specialists in the field of tourism to study in Emiri, providing them with the opportunity to enter the sector on financing and investing in it. There is a lot more to be done to attract the Master’s degree programme offered by the university.

On practice, studied on the modules of Kato Econometrics, Finance and Investment, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Business Process Management, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning & Visualisations, we will provide opportunities for all the realisers in many industries and different are separated into daden business.

Moga da da ladies and more generally a single example of the relative applicability of knowledge and skills, which is a single business analyzer on the basis of goal-oriented data.

Within the framework of the module Data Analytics imams courses project, associated with the solution to the real business problems in the field of insurance. Razpolayki with the base from the data for the customers on the different types of insurance and attached methodology for Data Mining, shaking and forecasting koi client bikha showed interest in kom procured for insurance for the caravan.

In addition, we will describe the shaky and profiling of the consumer on the type of insurance. Send out the money and let the optimizer be a marketing strategy for the insurance company, let them pick up the targeting on the potential of the client, let them market the money and let them hang on to you.

“The analysis of the data allows the management to make decisions based on fact and impartiality, rather than on intuition and intuition of the manager. A tosie is filled with a business analysis of the data for the zemaneto for the good of management decisions and for the good development of the business …”.

Auschwitz Commodities, the University for a lot of good location – itself at 40 minutes from London e, and London e hail with enough good developed business sector.

Tazi specialty Imam is the equivalent in Bulgaria?

Honestly, we will not eat a lot of detail given to the Imam Takawa in Bulgaria speciality. Maybe bi in Sofia ima university is similar, but we do not know how to include modules exactly and gave see study seshchyte for “Business Analysis” kato with us.

Did you get a dilemma and study in Bularia or in a foreign country?

Nah, I’ve definitely decided what to look for and what to look for in England. The suits and addenda are international opiate, which he studied for a bachelor’s degree in Bulgaria and for master’s degree in a foreign country. He knows that there is a lot of litigations in the widening of the krogosor, and he is alive and well, and that he is a granite to his homeland. International cooperation is very useful for my future development – the goods are undoubtedly a fact.

In modern times, kogato ima hilyadi business and all the same can yes eddyada owner’s company, the goods are super necessary specialization e?

Business Analytics” embraces the goals with a volume of tribute. Im application in the absolute all-currency business, for example, in the salesman on the drain on the bottom. Yes, let’s take the example of the golam stored faith, cedeto sera generator is a huge database of data. The analysis of the withdrawal on the thesis of the data allows you to send a profile to the different clients and goods as you are used and preferred.

For example, ako those cupuvat bira, meaning sah inclination yes buy and suitable storage for pelvis bira and goods allowed on a single tacava firm, on a single tacava business, purely marketing yes targetira customer si and yes disassembled as a good yes zadovolyava technite needs.

In the field of finance and investment similar analysis allows you to make forecasts for goods as well as to develop, for example, shares in the pazaar and goods are defined and brought to the level of publicity and luxury of the decision, as a rule of lawsuit yes investment in the pazaar. This is the very example of someone who is clearly enough to show that a profession is necessary.